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List of accommodation on Koh Tao
(54 Bungalow Resorts, Hotels and Guesthouses listed)

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Sunlord Bungalows 

Koh Tao, Aow Taa Thien  (near beach)
7.98 - 15.97  US $
6.40 - 12.80  Euro
250 - 500  Baht
Sunlord bungalows is very quiet resort based in the rocks at the northern most point near Sairee beach, this resorts bungalows are spread out in the hillside and on rocks at the seafront, with all the bungalows having excellent views of Sairee bay and also a perfect location to watch the sunset from your bungalow or restaurant.
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Jungle Huts & Mix Club 

Koh Tao, Tanote Bay Road  (hill side)
7.98 - 7.98  US $
6.40 - 6.40  Euro
250 - 250  Baht
Jungle Huts & Mix Club is situated on Tanote Bay Road just passed the turn off for Aow Leuk Bay; it has a new concrete road all the way to the resort and beyond. The resort has great views from the restaurant, bar and bungalows of Aow Leuk Bay and Shark Island and both only a short 10 minute walk away.
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Tanote View Resort 

Koh Tao, Tanote Bay Road  (hill side)
22.36 - 22.36  US $
17.92 - 17.92  Euro
700 - 700  Baht
This resort has been open for about 5 years and is set in one the most wonderful mature gardens on Koh Tao, with little hideaway viewing & eating areas around the restaurant. There are flowers and orchids in all of the resort and all of them having great views of Tanote bay.
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Mr J Bungalow 

Koh Tao, Mae Haad Village  (near beach)
19.16 - 47.91  US $
15.36 - 38.39  Euro
600 - 1500  Baht
Mr J’s is situated at the top of the small hill in between Mare Haad and Sairee Beach, it is nestled in the hill side and the bungalows go down the hill towards the quite end of Mae Haad Beach. At the bottom of the hill the beach is only 1 minute away and is a great spot to sit and watch the sunset.
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Bans Diving Resort 

Koh Tao, Sairee Beach  (beach front)
12.78 - 159.69  US $
10.24 - 127.97  Euro
400 - 5000  Baht
Swimming Pool Private Beach Hot Shower
Internet Restaurant TV (in restaurant)
Bar Refrigerator (in room) TV/UBC (in room)
Room Safe Conference Room Dive Courses  
Bans Diving Resort is nestled in beautiful tropical surroundings right in the centre of Sairee Beach, Koh Taos main beach and the place to be for sun lovers and beach goers. Centrally located, the resort is within walking distance of restaurants, shopping, viewpoints, night life and everything else that will make your stay on Koh Tao memorable.
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Happy Bungalow 

Koh Tao, Mae Haad Village  (hill side)
22.36 - 51.10  US $
17.92 - 40.95  Euro
700 - 1600  Baht
Happy Bungalows is situated just off the main road that goes between Mae Haad and Sairee village. They are located in Mae Haad just opposite the Thai Buddhist temple Wat Koh Tao. They are a very nice couple with a pleasant manor who own these bungalows and they have a fairly good knowledge of English.
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Sunsmile Travel and Lodge 

Koh Tao, Sairee Village  (inside town)
41.52 - 60.68  US $
33.27 - 48.63  Euro
1300 - 1900  Baht
Hot Shower Internet TV (in restaurant)
Refrigerator (in room) TV/UBC (in room)  
Sun Smile Travel & Lodge is situated at the northern most point of Sairee village only a couple of minutes walk from the beach and all local facilities and restaurants. This resort is in a large apartment style block similar to some of the dive resorts accommodation on Koh Tao.
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Beach Bay Villa 

Koh Tao, Mae Haad Bay  (beach front)
25.55 - 95.82  US $
20.48 - 76.78  Euro
800 - 3000  Baht
Internet Restaurant TV (in restaurant)
Refrigerator (in room) Dive Courses  
Beach Bay Villa is situated on the beach right next to the Songserm Ferry pier and office in Mae Haad, as you walk down the pier from the boat you can see the resort to your right hand side. The restaurant is located next to the beach with great views of Mae Haad and Sairee Beach, but most of all it’s a great place to watch the sunsets.
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High Bar & Lodge 

Koh Tao, Chalok Baan Kao  (hill side)
11.18 - 11.18  US $
8.96 - 8.96  Euro
350 - 350  Baht
Restaurant TV (in restaurant) Pool Table  
The High Bar & Lodge is based high in the hillside above Chalok Baan Kao with great views over Chalok Baan Kao and Saan Jao Beach, this is mainly a bar and restaurant with a few rooms available to rent and all have great views as of Chalok Baan Kao and the rooms in the north part of the building over looks Mae Haad.
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Leelavadee Resort 

Koh Tao, Chalok Baan Kao Bay Road  (hill side)
9.58 - 12.78  US $
7.68 - 10.24  Euro
300 - 400  Baht
Leelavadee Resort is situated just off the main road to Chalok Baan Kao Bay and beach; about 5 minutes walk from the 7/11, shops and internet cafes in Chalok Baan Kao. The resorts bungalows are based in the hill side facing west towards the sunset. Most of the bungalows are the old Thai style wood bungalows and all are fan bungalows with western toilet and cold showers.
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