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Black Moon Party on Koh Phangan


Black Moon Party Dates


January, 15th
February, 13th
March, 15th
April, 13th
May, 13th
June, 11th
July, 11th
August, 10th
September, 08th
October, 08th
November, 06th
December, 06th


January, 04th
February, 03th
March, 04th
April, 03th
May, 02th
June, 01st, 30th
July, 30th
August, 28th
September, 27th
October, 26th
November, 25th
December, 24th


The Black Moon Party is held in the same area as the Half Moon Party, Ban Tai, but rather than being in the jungle, it’s held on Ban Tai beach at the Mac Bay Resort. As you walk around the dance area and the resort you will instantly they have installed loads of florescent paint and florescent decorations  hanging from everywhere with black lights hanging as well, giving a great glowing effect all over the place. The Black Moon Party is perfect for this type of effect as it is held on the darkest night of the month.

The Sound and lighting systems are awesome giving off great sounds and great lighting effects matching the Half Moon Party. They also have DJ’s coming from all corners of the globe to take part in the event.

When the party has finished or you’ve had enough don’t worry as there are loads of taxis to take you home to bed and the same as all the other parties the taxis go to all corners of the island.




    The warnings are the same as the Full Moon Party, watch out for your belongings, keep then with you at all times and only take a minimum of items with you. Beware the buckets, and also the local drug pushers, they could be police officers, can you tell the difference between the two ???

Other Parties on Koh Phangan:

- Full Moon Party

- Half Moon Party



Text: Robert
Photos: Simon

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