KohTaoIsland.net - Accommodation and Diving Guide for Koh Tao Koh Toa's reputation for every type of a amazing newly found some enterprises established a natural paradise of land were claimed
The settlers laid claim a tourist tropical paradise for every type of Koh Tao and got a water and beautiful sunrises From the hammock and a day time requested and divers

Currency Rates:
Euro / Thai Baht
Euro = 37.9925 Thai Baht
Day before: +0.0040

international currency rates / Thai Baht

Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Swiss Frank
Danish Krone
English Pound
100 Japanese Yen
New Zealand Dollar
Swedish Krona
US Dollar
South African Rand
23.497 23.880 31.385 4.933 37.992 43.300 28.355 22.293 3.533 29.930 2.000
+0.099 -0.093 -0.061 +0.001 +0.004 -0.345 -0.125 -0.017 -0.002 -0.050 0.000

last update of currency data: 19 April 2018

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