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Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,
Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers,


Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers

PADI certified PADI certified  

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The Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers is a large and very well organized resort and dive centre, set in outstanding grounds with beautiful gardens and flowers surrounding all the resort and bungalows. The resort has a variety of different accommodation packages available, from the basic rooms to the luxurious ‘Captains Suite Cottages’ which is on the beach and with all the facilities you would expect from a 5 star resort. If you are diving at this resort you can expect a discount for using their dive centre and equipment for diving or dive courses.

There are approximately 22-dive sites in the immediate vicinity of Koh Tao. The closest sites being 5 to 10 minutes away and the furthest being 40 to 60 minutes away by Coral Grand Divers dive and speed boats. They have a large selection of different boats available from Small fast power boats taking 14 people including equipment, to large fully equipped dive boats carrying up to 38 divers and equipment. All their vessels carry ship-to-shore communications, have emergency oxygen on board & First Aid kits, floatation devices, and all Coral Grand Divers - Koh Tao’s dive crew are legally qualified as D.A.N. Oxygen Providers and all are Emergency First Responders. Coral Grand Divers - Koh Tao permanently uses a PADI Dive Master to remain dry on board in the unlikely event of a surface related problem and to assist divers in and out of the water as well as acting as look-out for additional safety.

All of the dive equipment is maintained and serviced to a high quality, and it’s all done on-site, they use good quality equipment for diving and training, with lots of different extras to hire like diver propulsion vehicles and under water cameras. I found the staff in both the resort and the dive centre very helpful and friendly; they have a variety of staff from all over the globe, so no matter which language you speak, most of the time they should be able to conduct your diving and tuition in your own native language. This Dive Company and resort comes highly recommended.


PADI scuba review - 2-3 hours - 1,800 baht

Discover scuba diving - 1 day - 3,000 baht

PADI scuba diver - 3 days - 7,000 baht

PADI open water diver - Bronze - 4 days- 9,800 baht + PADI open water diver - Silver - 4 days- 12,000 baht + PADI open water diver - Gold - 1 day - 6,000 baht 

PADI advanced open water diver - 2 days - 8,500 baht 

Emergency First Response (ERF) - 1 day - 4,500 baht 

PADI rescue diver (RESC) - 3 days - 9,500 baht 

PADI dive master - 8 weeks - 25,000 baht 

PADI instructor - 12 days - starts at US$ 990



PADI National Geographic Specialty diver - 2 days - 9,000 baht 

Enriched air diver - 2 days - 8,500 baht + Search & discovery diver - 2 days - 7,000 baht 

Drift Diver - 1 day - 5,000 baht 

Driver propulsion course - 1 day - 5,500 baht 

Deep Diver - 2 days - 6,000 baht 

Computer & multi level diver - 1 day - 5,500 baht 

Under water naturalist - 1 day - 5,000 baht 

Under water navigator - 2 days - 7,000 baht 

Digital underwater photography - 1 day - 7,000 baht



1 dive - 2,000 baht

2 dives - 1,800 baht per dive

3-4 dives - 1,600 baht per dive

5 + dives - 1,400 baht per dive

Night dive - 3,200 baht



½ day - 800 baht 

Full day - 1,000 baht



Dive computer rental, per day - 500 baht 

Underwater camera rental, per dive trip - 1,500 baht 

Diver propulsion vehicle, per dive trip - 1,200 baht 

Nitrox tank fills - 400 baht

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