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Halfmoon Party on Koh Phangan

Believe it or not there are two half moons every month; and they are one week before and one week after the full moon. This means that all you party animals out there get two Half Moon Parties every month, so don’t worry if your only on Koh Phangan for seven to ten days, as somewhere someone is having a party.

The Half Moon Party is held in the jungle at Ban Tai, half way between Thongsala and Haad Rin. The easiest way to find the party is to take a taxi, with taxis to the party from all over the island and most of your bungalow resorts as well. And if your mad and want to take your motor bike or jeep, no problem, just take the road that goes from the 7/11 at Ban Tai, to Thong Nai Pan for about 2 km, and then just follow the music coming from your ears and the crowds heading into the jungle to the party.

When you arrive at the Half Moon Party you will find that unfortunately there is an entrance charge of 250 Baht to get you into the party, but with that you also get a drinks voucher for one free drink at the bar.

As you walk from the entrance to the dance floor there are loads of food vendors on the right hand side selling everything from traditional Thai food to pizzas and baguettes all at decent prices. They are there all night, so you can either get something to eat on the way in or the way out, or a nibble of something in between.

When you arrive at the dance floor you will find that it is situated in a small valley, with the DJ’s in the hill to the left and a bar with a viewing area and seating over looking the dance floor to the right. They also have bars at either end of the dance floor so you don’t have to walk far to replenish your drink.

A visiting friend of mine once asked ‘What kind of music do they play at the party?’ I told her it was great if you liked Trance, Trance, Trance or Trance, and when she got there she wasn’t disappointed and we stayed and partied until the DJ’s dropped from exhaustion and the sun rose for another day in paradise.

The sound system’s awesome and kicks out some mega wattage (so some ear defenders are recommended) and the lower bass line vibrates the whole area. They have two large screen projection TV’s, one on either side of the DJ’s box which give off some great visual effects and videos to go with some of the music, with a great lighting and laser shows to match.

When you are all worn out or the party eventually ends and you want to head back to your bungalow or the nearest hammock to sleep off the buckets for the rest of the day, don’t panic about how you are all going to get home, as there is always a fleet of taxis ready to whisk you away to all corners of the island. And don’t forget all that wonderful food on the way out to soak up all those buckets and beers.




    The warnings are the same as the Full Moon Party, watch out for your belongings, keep then with you at all times and only take a minimum of items with you. Beware the buckets, and also the local drug pushers, they could be police officers, can you tell the difference between the two ??? ... sometimes even there is no difference ...

    There are many reported motorbike thefts at the half moon party, don't leave anything of worth under your bike seat.

    Also be aware that the Half Moon Party is very controversial within the local community since it is located in a residental area and causes a lot of problems, for more Information abot Halfmoon Party on Koh Phangan News Website.

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Text: Robert
Photos: Simon

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