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Koh Tao Reservoir,
Koh Tao Reservoir,
Koh Tao Reservoir,
Koh Tao Reservoir,
Koh Tao Reservoir,
Koh Tao Reservoir,

Koh Tao Reservoir

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Ever since the first backpackers started visiting our small island, at certain times of the year water or the lack of it, has always been a big problem. And now since the islands visitors and locals have increased a vast amount over the last 10-12 years, at one point importing water from Chumpon on the mainland to cope with the demand. The Thai government came up with an idea to make a dam and small reservoir in the valley at the top of mountain behind Tanote Bay. The project started in 2006 and was completed over the last few years, making water supply a little easier on Koh Tao.

Every Thursday members of Save Koh Tao meet at the Reservoir site around 9:30 am to plant grasses, tress, or work on the check dams. They can always use more hands and good help. You don't need to sign up, just show up in the morning.

Check Dams - We need a team of people to regularly maintain the check dams constructed under the reservoir in Tanote. This team will be responsible for mapping the dams, taking pictures, documenting changes, and constructing new dams when necessary.

Photo Journal - In order to monitor the damage done by the reservoirs’ construction and prevent similar problems in the future we need documentation as to the changes in the area of time. You would be responsible for organizing existing photos into a coherent document and colleting new photos after each rain storm.

Grass/Tree Nursery
- This position is for somebody who will be on Koh Tao for at least 1 year and be able to manage volunteers and construct a nursery area for Thai grass and trees which can be moved to the Tanote Reservoir site.

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